Hello. We’re Invinn – the next generation brand agency.

We passionately believe there is a better way than to compete to be the best. When you think about it there is seldom “the best” outside perhaps the world of sport. No best car. No best shopping mall. No best bank. It all depends on what needs you’re trying to satisfy. Instead of competing to be the best, we urge you to be different, to be unique.

At Invinn we help our clients develop their uniqueness, enabling them to offer their customers a relevant and different kind of value. Our experience working with clients – large and small, private and public – has taught us that when faced with a lack of a meaningful choice, customers buy on price alone. To enhance your brand’s attractiveness and value you really need to stand out.

Through our approach – Brandfulness – we’ll ensure that you don’t just do things better, but that you also do things differently and by doing so deliver superior value.

We are part of Vinngroup, one of Sweden’s fastest-growing consulting groups.

Interested in becoming unique?

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